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The Lakes



Caesar's Palace -a 5 acre specimen Carp lake,opened 2016

Newly stocked with Scaley Carp all over 10lb to 25lb

Pike stocked 2018


Luxor - Our 5 acre Specimen Carp Water
Holding cunning and wily fish to 30lbs with a good head of smaller fish to provide a good days fishing for all. Also in the lake are our biggest  and Bream, to a reported 6lbs. Because of the size of some of the fish in Luxor, special rules apply to this lake and these may be found in the
"Rules" page.


Flamingo - A 1 acre Carp & Tench lake
The favourite of our Match anglers, Flamingo holds Carp to 15lbs and can provide very heavy nets of fish throughout the year. Margin fishing excels here with a variety of baits.



Treasure Island - A 1.5 acre lake with mixed species
Set in a steep sided valley, Treasure Island is the favourite for experts and families visiting the Fishery.
The lake holds Carp into double figures, good Tench and Bream as well as a plentiful population of silver fish.



Dunes - A 1.5 acre  Carp & Silver Fish lake
Situated close to the Lodge, Dunes holds a good head of Carp, Roach, Rudd, Bream, Crucian carp and Tench and is capable of providing a wonderful days fishing for all anglers. Our Tench have been caught up to 6lbs here and many of the Roach, Rudd and hybrids exceed 1lb. Safe level banks make this a good venue for families and for Disabled anglers who can easily reach their pegs.



The Emperors - Two small ponds situated on the high ground in the N.E. corner of the fishery
Intended for children but frequently fished by experienced anglers, the quality of the fishing in these two ponds is excellent. These ponds are particularly suited to beginners as their size makes them less intimidating to fish than the lakes. Roach of have been reported from the bigger of the ponds which also hold hard fighting Carp, Crucian Carp, Tench and other silver fish.
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Snag Alley - A small pond in the old watercourse
The lake as been cleared of trees and is now newly 

stocked with Tench and silver fish only, allowing anglers

to fish with light tackle without the risk of catching large Carp 



The Canal
The southernmost of the two old watercourse ponds, this steep sided pond, Fished carefully on the near bank slope, can provide some outstanding fishing with its head of hard fighting Carp in the 2 to 5 pound mark predominating. The pond also enjoys excellent floating bait fishing. Accuracy in plumbing the depth and casting here will pay dividends in the size of the catch.

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